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Ivar Tengbom 1878–1968

Ivar Tengbom was responsible for several of Sweden's landmark buildings. However, during his long tenure as palace architect, his work was more about restoring the work of other architects.

He initiated an extensive programme to inventory the façades of Stockholm Palace, and was closely involved in the restoration of the royal palaces for 40 years. He rebuilt Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities as it had originally appeared with its many ancient sculptures.

In the 1770s, balconies were added in the Hall of State to make space for more people. As part of Tengbom's 1930–31 restoration, these balconies were removed so that the room could be experienced in its original splendour. A light blue sky was painted on the ceiling, and this was recreated for The Crown Princess's wedding in 2010.

When Drottningholm was rediscovered after years of disuse, Tengbom recreated the park in partnership with the landscape gardener Walter Bauer.

Stockholm Palace, East Façade. "The Palace Architect's Office, Measured in 1927."

Ivar Tengbom

Ivar Tengbom. Photo: Falbygden Museum

Palace architect
Ivar Justus Tengbom

Famous works
Stockholm School of Economics
Stockholm Concert Hall
The Matchstick Palace
The City Palace
The Bonnier building