Gustav IIIs teater Gripsholms slott virtuell visning

Gripsholm Castle in 360°

Visit Gripsholm Castle from home. Explore Duke Karl's Chamber, the Council Chamber and King Gustav III's theatre in 360°. Don't forget to look up!

You can view the virtual tours from your mobile phone or computer. The rooms can be viewed from floor to ceiling, and you can zoom in. The information symbols indicate that there is more to read about the room's history, objects and décor.

Click on the images to start the tours!

Council Chamber

The Council Chamber was probably one of the more lavish rooms in the Royal Apartments at Gripsholm Castle, as the ceiling shows. The tour allows you to see and read about the amber cabinet, the ivory-topped table, the cabinet of curiosities, King Karl XV's gilded leather-effect wall covering and King Gustav IV Adolf's piano.

Duke Carl's Chamber

Duke Carl's Chamber is one of the best preserved rooms in the country from the time of the Vasa kings. During the virtual tour, you can learn about the architecture, the décor, King Erik XIV's imprisonment and the toilet – a luxury that only royalty could enjoy.

Gustav III's Theatre

This tour is particularly special. The theatre at Gripsholm is Sweden's best preserved 18th century theatre. Here, King Gustav III and his court enjoyed performances that could be up to nine hours long.

During the virtual tour, you can learn about the baroque stage, the backdrop scenes, the machinery and the décor. And don't forget to look up at the ceiling.

Virtual tour of the Council Chamber at Gripsholm Castle

The Council Chamber in 360°. Click on the image to start the tour.

Virtual tour of Duke Karl's Chamber at Gripsholm Castle

Duke Karl's Chamber in 360°. Click on the image to start the tour.

Virtual tour of Gustav King Gustav III's Theatre at Gripsholm Castle

King Gustav III's Theatre in 360°. Click on the image to start the tour.

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