Hovstallets innergård håller öppet i sommar.

Summer concerts at the Royal Stables

Relax in the leafy garden of the Royal Stables for musical entertainment this summer. Some concerts will be held in the inner courtyard. The Royal Stables' café will be open.

Wednesday 10 July at 18:00–19:00
Rock, jazz, classical, soul/R&B and West African rhythms
A summer project brings together musicians from around the city for a series of concerts. The musicians consist of two groups of young people: one from Skärholmen and one from northern Stockholm. The repertoire includes pop, rock, jazz, classical, soul/R&B and rhythms inspired by West African countries including Ghana and Mali.

Free entry to the concert on 10 July.The concert is a collaboration between the City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm, the Stockholm County Music Organisation and Fryshuset Skärholmen.

Wednesday 24 July and 7 August at 18:00-19:00
Musical gems from the area around the Royal Stables
Both the old Royal Stables on Helgeandsholmen and the current stables on Östermalm were – and still are – surrounded by beautiful and diverse music. From Riddarhuset via the Royal Swedish Opera, the Swedish Theatre, Blanch's Café, Sveasalen, the Hallwylska Palace, Berns Salonger, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and Östermalm Theatre to Djurgård Theatre and Hasselbacken.

Karlberg Music Corps' Palace Ensemble performs historic and contemporary gems from these rich musical surroundings. Soloist: Eva Magnusson. Conductor: Nils-Åke Nilsson (24 July) and Peter Göthe (7 August)

Entry: SEK 50. Free entry for children aged 7 or under.

Wednesday 31 July at 18:00–19:00
Traditional brass sextet
The Jämtland Brass Sextet traces its roots back to the Östersund Field Infantry Regiment, and several of the band's members started out as military music students. The group performs a sextet repertoire that was popular at the turn of the 20th century. Combined with traditional uniforms, the band takes listeners back a century in time.

Torkel Johansson (soprano cornet)
Yngve Nordin (B♭ cornet)
Åsa Okutani (horn)
Jan-Olof Oscarsson (tenor horn 1)
Per Anér (tenor horn tenor 2)
Margaretha Kallin (tuba)
Mikael Olsson (percussion)

Entry: SEK 50. Free entry for children aged 7 or under.

Wednesday 14 August at 18:00–19:00
Classic Swedish brass octet
The Octet Ehnstedts Eftr. (Ehnstedt's successors) breathes new life into a repertoire from spa towns, hotel gardens and regiment meetings around the turn of the 20th century. There will be music from operatic stages, concert halls and ballrooms that was popular a hundred years ago but is rarely heard today.

The Octet Ehnstedts Eftr. is a classic Swedish brass octet that plays older instruments such as the soprano cornet, the tenor horn and the tenor bassoon. The octet's handwritten sheet music, featuring arrangements of music that was popular at the time, was originally used more than a hundred years ago by an octet led by band leader Magnus Herman Ehnstedt from the 2nd Life Grenadier Regiment (I5) in Linköping. The octet is named after him.

Entry: SEK 50. Free entry for children aged 7 or under.

About the Royal Stables

For more than a hundred years, the Royal Stables have been located at Väpnargatan 1 on Östermalm in Stockholm. Here you can see the horses, carriages, cars, uniforms and harnesses used for ceremonial representation.

The Royal Stables' café is open during the summer. The café can be found in the peaceful inner courtyard, with both indoor and outdoor seating.